Bakery Certification Course

Create the baked goods people love,Make everyone’s life a little sweeter,Bakers and pastry chefs create breads, pastries and desserts that taste as wonderful as they look. They combine the math and science of baking with imagination and creativity to create desserts, baked goods, and specialty sugars.

Baker’s one-year Baking and Pastry Arts program teaches you how to create confections and baked goods, preparing you for employment in pastry and bakery shops, restaurants, institutions, hotels, resorts, and commercial bakeries.

Our curriculum combines classroom study, extensive hands-on training in our baking and pastry labs, and work experience. You learn how to develop and prepare breads, pies, pastries, cookies, petit fours, specialty breads and pastries, fruit bars, tortes, centerpieces, wedding cakes, and international desserts.

As a graduate, you will be prepared to begin your career in any one of a number of positions, such as assistant pastry chef, assistant baker, head baker, lead baker, wedding cake decorator or pastry chef.