The very essence of this course is to put focus on and in some extend train the officers to handle dynamically escalating situations in a simulator emphasizing the need to apply this learning to real life situations.
Procedures are important and useful to fight foreseeable problems. On the other hand caution, thinking ahead, inspections, information management, communication, decision making and monitoring effect control foster resilience – the ability to adapt to unexpected and escalating events.
We intend to give the participants a toolbox with various generic tools to use in the context of the dynamic environment they have to operate.
When you only give someone a hammer all problems will look like nails. Expect the unexpected!

 Human Factors
 Communication, Perception and Assertiveness
 Stress, Complacency, Distraction and Fatigue.
 Planning and Pilot Integration
 Resource Management, Decision Making, Leadership and Team Work.
 Case studies and simulator exercises as a learning tool to backup/illustrate the theory
 BTM as recommended in STCW 95, Section B – VIII / 2 and in all likelihood comply with BRM/ERM according to the STCW amendments parts A and B STCW CONF_2-34, which will become effective from 01/01-2012.