Course (As Per MLC- 2006) ( Indian/ Malaysia/ Continental/ Chines/ Filipino/ Japanese/ Italian/ Indonesian/ Egyptian/ Arabic/ Bakery)

To provide an effective training course for those responsible for implementing, and ensuring compliance with, the standards of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).
Course Outcome:
On the successful completion of this course, you will:
• understand the context in which the frameworks of regulations, responsibilities and activities, set by the MLC, have been established;
• know the content of the MLC;
• be able to describe the role and responsibilities of shipowners, ship managers, ships’ masters, ships’ officers, flag and port state officials, and welfare organisations;
• determine the steps you must take to ensure compliance;
• understand how to play your part in achieving compliance;
• be able to describe and put into practice the various elements of MLC management aboard and ashore;
• have demonstrated your knowledge and understanding.
This course is for:
• HR Managers
• Ship Owners
• Ship Masters
• Manning Agents
• Ship’s Masters
• Ship’s Officers
• Superintendents and Office Support Staff
• Flag and Port State Officials
• Welfare Organisation Officials
• Maritime Labour Organisation Officials

Those concerned with the rights and responsibilities of seafarers
Course Tutor
The tutor assigned to your course will be a leading expert with extensive experience of the international maritime industry. They will be well known to the maritime community as either a tutor or speaker at global conferences and seminars and will have considerable expertise in human resources issues particularly those related to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.
The course is divided into five sections:
Introduction to the MLC
• Module 1: Manning Agents
• Module 2: Member States (Flag and Port)
• Module 3: Ships’ Masters and Officers
• Module 4: Shipping Company Managers