Fitter Trade Test

Finding the right person for a specific job is the main problem that many recruiting companies face and at DBMA, we attempt to deal with this. Along with training courses we have been conducting various trade tests. For example, we conduct trade tests for one of the largest dry docks in Asia and they have been our steady partners in progress over the years. These tests were originally started to cater to specific needs of some shipping companies, which were recruiting Indian crew members for foreign principals. Later, some manpower consultants and employment/placement agencies catering to international companies in technical manpower supply approached us for the same.

The candidates have to carry out the stipulated practical tests completely and results are not based merely on oral questions or incomplete practical exercises. We do ask oral questions to the candidate about the particular tests/skills and about his work experience, but only as a measure of gauging the candidate.
There are certain jobs, especially in a supervisory capacity where a Practical Trade Test cannot be conducted. For such categories we do conduct a thorough interview/orals involving assessment of the candidate’s experience in a particular field.
Our charges are competitive and we have a reputation for integrity. As a result, our clients have stayed with us over the years. As this forms part of our core business of training, we take it very seriously. Only those who fulfill the requirements and have the necessary level of skills pass our tests.
Range and Reach
While we do have ready tests for standard trades we can also formulate tests as per specified requirements of a job as stated by prospective employers. Our current ready formulated tests include:

1. Marine Fitter.
2. Pipe Fitter.
3. Maintenance Fitter.
4. Fitter Mechanic
5. Bench Fitter
6. Fitter – Engine
7. Fitter – Heavy Duty Equipment
8. Fitter – General Duties
9. Hydraulic Technician
10. Fitter – Electrical/ Mechanical
11. Motorman
12. Wiper
13. Pumpman
14. Plumber – All Categories (including Vacuum Toilet System)
15. Electrician – Marine
16. Electrician – Maintenance
17. Wireman – General Duties
18. Electronics Technician
19. Welder (SMAW, GAS, MIG, TIG, FCAW) in 6G, 6GR, 3G and 4G
20. Gas Cutter
21. Fabricator (Welder)
22. Structural Fitter – Plater/ Burner
23. Inspector – Quality Control – Plate/ Steel / Welding work
24. Steel Work Preparator
25. Pipe work Preparator
26. Turner (Lathe work)
27. Machinist
28. Refrigeration & A. C. Mechanic
29. Cleaner (Tank)
30. Scaffolder
31. Rigger/Stager
32. Insulator (Hot & Cold)
33. Fireman
34. Dock worker/ Block setter
35. Blaster/ Painter (only Orals)
36. Store Keeper
37. Watchman (Fire)
39. Security Guard