Fitter Training Course

This course is targeted at fresh entrants to the merchant navy with a background of technical to increase their knowledge level and ease their familiarization with Marine equipments, So that they may be the best working hand for officers/ Engineers on board the vessel.

Fitter is directly responsible for:

1. Fitting and Turning works includes:

• Use of Lathe;
• Use of Grinder;
• Use of Milling Machine;
• Use of Drilling Machine;
• Use of Power Tools. Etc.

2. Welding and Fitting jobs as directed by officer-in-charge involves:

• Cutting and preparation of materials;
• Assembly of engineering components;
• Mechanical assembly;
• Machine maintenance;
• Operation of computerised production machines;
• Welding of materials at various locations on the ship. Etc.

3. As a head of Engine Ratings; allocate work, maintain discipline and ensure that tasks are properly completed by ratings.

4. Cleanliness and Orderliness of Engine room, proper stowing of tools, maintenance and stowing of hydraulic tools and fitting and turning equipments.

5. Work as directed by 2nd Engineer. Such works may on occasions involve assisting the Chief officer or Electrical Officer with maintenance tasks, which require Fitter’s particular skills.

6. Assist the Deck Crew with Mooring/Unmooring the vessel whenever necessary.

7. Assist with receiving stores whenever necessary.