Ship’s Cook Certificate Course ( As Per MLC-2006 )

As stated within the latest MCA guidance form, the Ships Cook Assessment is necessary for all cooks/chefs on board commercial vessels with 10+ crew in order to obtain MCA Ships Cook Certificate. The assessment provides a way for all chefs to have their skills objectively assessed in a controlled environment. The purpose of the assessment is to verify that a candidate can cook correctly and safely across a specified range of techniques and foodstuffs. There will be no attempt to grade candidates on artistic skill beyond that normally expected of a working cook; it is not a competition

The assessment covers the following subjects:

– Health and safety in catering in the maritime industry
– Kitchen operations, costs and menu planning
– Applying work skills
– Healthier foods and special diets
– Cultural and religious catering requirements
– Dietary requirements of shift workers
– Prepare and cook soups and sauces
– Prepare and cook fruit and vegetables
– Prepare and cook meat and offal
– Prepare and cook fish and shellfish
– Prepare and cook rice, pasta, grains, and egg dishes
– Prepare and cook desert and pudding
– Prepare and cook bakery products