Della Marine Service is committed to providing Excellent and Quality Manning Services, Seafarers Recruitment and shore as required by Our Principals in an Economical, Efficient and Effective Manner Whilst Fully Complying with the Statutory, Regulatory and Obligatory Requirement.

Della Marine Services firmly believes that Health, Safety and environmental of its employees and Clients while on board is of utmost importance and safety is an essential and integral part of each and every activity. Therefore all work shall be carried out with utmost care, giving due consideration to safety which shall not be compromised under any circumstance. Accidents and risk to health, Environmental are preventable through continual improvement in working environment and involvement of all employee making there by a safe, Healthy and Accident free work place. The management sincerely believes that accidents are preventable and aim to achieve “ZERO ACCIDENT, ZERO INCIDENT “
We commits in avoiding pollution of environment, optimizing resources utilization and making employee involvement and awareness in evolving a Management system.
We committed to ensure social compliances and does not use any unfair or forced labor or force labor practices and will not employ individuals that are not legally documented.
To achieve the above policy and goals, Della Marine Services has decided to design an effective management system whose performance will be monitored and continually improved by in corpora ting various quality, health, safety, security ,environment objectives.
With regard to quality, health, safety, security and environment objectives, it will:
Comply with the requirements of all relevant statutory, regulatory and other provisions.
Incorporate appropriate Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility criteria and factors into customer service.
Provide and maintain safe, secured and healthy work place through operational procedures, safe systems and methods of work.
Vessels equipment’s shall be maintained and collectively managed to reduce breakdown and operational downtime.
Prevent pollution and optimize resources utilization.
Provide safety awareness training to protect all employees from foreseeable work hazards and environment awareness training to contribute in protecting environment.
Work with major suppliers and contractors to facilitate the overall quality, health, safety, security, environment and social responsibility performance improvement.
Review policy at periodic interval.