Marine Cleaning

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Marine Cleaning

We provide worldwide services of At-Sea Riding Crews. These crews have many years experience butterworthing, high pressure water blasting and mechanical ship cleaning of holds and confined spaces to achieve:

• Cleaning for hot work
• Tank cleaning of previous cargo
• Hold cleaning for grain

Our quality controls ensure the vessel is ready to tender upon port arrival, thus removing unnecessary lay days. We can construct “Rose Boxes” to ensure prompt inspections and cargo loading. Our crews can also assist with engine room and deck maintenance for paint and preservation.

Oil Tank Cleaning

Della Marine specializes in cleaning tanks that are utilized to store various product types including crude oil, fuel oil, slop oil, hazardous chemicals, wastewater, asphalt, and other products. Whether it’s routine maintenance to remove solids and sludge, decontamination measures, tank renovation, or the demolition and decommissioning of a tank,...

Yachts Cleaning

Whether you're a do-it-yourself kind of boat owner or one who believes in letting professionals handle most projects, the basic maintenance of a sailboat usually falls to the owners or their family, and it doesn't get much more basic than cleaning. Not only will keeping your boat shipshape make it a more pleasant place to be, it also helps stave of...

Ship Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning is a common procedure performed on board ships. Those associated with the process are very well aware of the hazards involved and fatal accidents that have occurred in the past. In spite of all the necessary safety precautions and enclosed space entry procedures, accidents still occur while cleaning tanks on board ships. Few months a...

Ship Cleaning

Ship cleaning services Tehoc is also an expert in ship cleaning services. Our specialty areas are cleaning of bilges, emptying and cleaning of HFO tanks and water ballast tanks with surface preparation, cleaning and disinfection of fresh water tanks and fresh water systems. Most of our jobs can be carried out during journey and for this purpo...